Mystery Day Out Daylesford

Mystery Day Out Daylesford

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Famous for its rejuvenating springs, eclectic restaurants and captivating galleries, our Mystery Day Out Daylesford takes you on a beautiful self-guided tour around this picturesque Victorian town. During the Mystery Day Out Daylesford, you'll solve clues on your phone to discover the hidden gems of Daylesford and immerse yourself in its rich history, vibrant culture and natural beauty. This includes exploring its popular & natural attractions, dining at a fabulous eatery and sampling locally sourced beverages to quench your thirst after a day of adventure. 

What's Included in the Mystery Day Out Daylesford:

  • Enjoy a hot beverage and a sweet treat at a mystery café
  • Embark on a self-guided tour of a fascinating slice of Daylesford's history
  • Engage in an exciting outdoor mystery activity that challenges your wits
  • Relish a delightful two-course lunch at a mystery restaurant with a non-alcoholic beverage
  • Indulge in a refreshing alcoholic tasting (or non-alcoholic for children) at a mystery cellar door and
  • Receive clues and riddles to unveil each new mystery location or activity via your smartphone.

Please Note:

  • This adventure includes a physical outdoor mystery activity. It is of a light-moderate intensity generally appropriate for individuals of various age groups and physical conditions, including expectant mothers.  If you require further clarification or have any questions surrounding the activity, please contact us here.
  • This adventure operates in most weather conditions, including light to medium rain. In case of extreme weather conditions or Total Fire Ban Days, the Mystery Day Out Daylesford may be cancelled, and our team will provide you with an alternative date to complete your adventure.

What You'll Need for the Mystery Day Out Daylesford:

You'll need your own car for travel between destinations on the Mystery Day Out Daylesford as well as a mobile phone with internet access to receive the clues.

      Frequently Asked Questions About the Mystery Day Out Daylesford:

      What is a mystery activity?

      While it may sound mysterious, rest assured, it's all in good fun! On the Mystery Day Out Daylesford, a mystery activity could involve kayaking, conquering an escape room, tree-surfing, bowling, mini-golf, rock-climbing, or even embarking on a boat or train ride. It might also include playing arcade games, ice-skating, navigating a maze, visiting the zoo, or participating in a guided tour or workshop/class. After booking, we'll inquire about any phobias, injuries, or health-related conditions to tailor the mystery activity to your preferences, if possible.

      How far in advance do I need to book?

      To secure your spot on the Mystery Day Out Daylesford, all bookings must be made at least six days before your desired adventure date. For instance, if you plan to join us on a Sunday, make sure to book by midnight on the preceding Sunday.

      What time does the experience start?

      Upon booking, you'll have the opportunity to select a starting time of 10:00am for your Mystery Day Out Daylesford tour. This is the time you should arrive at your first Daylesford location on your chosen date. On the evening before your adventure, you'll receive your first clue to help you calculate your travel time to the starting location. 

      How long does the experience take?

      The Mystery Day Out Daylesford typically lasts around 6 hours, though the duration may vary depending on how much time you spend at each mystery location.

      Customer Reviews

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      John Alexander
      Great day out

      Great day out with @mysteryadventures in Daylesford

      Debbie Lee
      Loved it

      Loved it. Did 2 in 2 days - Burgers & Brew in Mornington and then Daylesford. Fabulous days both of them

      Kathryn J
      Mystery Adventure Daylesford

      We had a lovely day. Everyone we encountered along the adventure was friendly and welcoming. Thank you

      Kristen Coombs
      Great way to see Daylesford

      Such a fun day and a great way to see Daylesford. Thank you to the mystery adventures team. Seems like a lot of effort and thought goes into the planning and it shows. Would definitely recommend!

      Jennifer N
      Worth it!

      Bought an experience for my partner and I for the entire day in Daylesford, worth it! The team is very responsive and great communication. Overall would recommend, especially when exploring new towns or places.