Mystery Adventures Puts the Fun Back in Date Nights or Outings with Friends

Mystery Adventures Puts the Fun Back in Date Nights or Outings with Friends
Mystery Adventures incorporates the fun of a scavenger hunt to deliver packaged tour options unlike anything else in Victoria.

Coming up with great ideas for dates or hangouts with friends can often be challenging, and working out all of the logistics can be time-consuming. But, at Mystery Adventures, we handle all of these aspects so that all you need to do is show up and enjoy the fun!
There are a variety of self-guided tours to choose from, including Mystery Picnic Adventures, Mystery Wine & Dine Adventures, Mystery Day Out Adventures, and more. For each adventure, you will have to solve a set of clues on your phone along the course of a day or night. The clues are challenging, but not too tricky, so just about anyone can solve them with a bit of thinking.

As you work out the answers to the clues, you'll visit a series of locations throughout Greater Melbourne, like restaurants, shops, parks, and other local attractions. This gives you a chance to see an area in a new way, even if you are already somewhat familiar with your surroundings.

After visiting each location, you will receive your next clue, allowing you to progress through the adventure. Each adventure can also include a fun mystery activity, which could be anything from bowling to rock climbing to playing mini-golf.

At Mystery Adventures, we partner with a variety of local businesses to help deliver these experiences. This encourages you to try things or venture to places you might not otherwise have discovered on your own while also supporting local businesses throughout the region.

Price points range from $105 to $180 per person and tours run across Victoria, including in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, the Bellarine Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Daylesford & Macedon Ranges and Phillip Island & Bass Coast.

With no planning involved from your end, a mystery adventure is perfect for couples who are looking to re-invent "date night" or for small groups who are looking to explore new locations and activities.

Regardless of which adventure you choose - the goal is to deliver a fun and memorable experience that goes beyond just the basic dinner and drinks date format!

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