Founded by the enthusiastic adventurers, Shae Iddles & Steven Rickards; Mystery Adventures is a tour operator specialising in surprise adventures for couples and small groups across Victoria and New South Wales.

After realising that coming up with great ideas for dates or catchups with friends can often be challenging (and oh, so time-consuming), they wanted to put the fun back into outings but with a twist.

Combining the elements of a scavenger hunt with an amazing race, their all-inclusive adventures provide adventurers with an exciting social experience unlike anything else. Adventurers have to solve a set of clues along the course of a day or night to discover exactly where they'll be going and what they'll be doing.

In a world where everyone and everything is so overexposed now, Mystery Adventures has successfully brought back to life the anticipation of surprise and mystery. Regardless of which adventure is chosen - their goal is to deliver a fun and memorable experience that goes beyond just the basic dinner and drinks date format.

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