Ready for a (Mystery) Adventure?

Solve clues to explore Your STATE in a unique way.

Skip the Planning.

Just Show Up & Enjoy The Fun

About Us

How Our Adventures Work

Step One - Choose an Adventure

Whether it's a Mystery Picnic, Mystery Burgers & Brew or a Mystery Wine & Dine, we have something for everyone in a range of locations across Victoria. We can even create customised mystery adventures based around where you want to go, who you want to go with and what you enjoy doing.

Step Two - Solve Fun & Challenging Clues

For each mystery adventure, you will have to solve a set of clues along the course of a day or night. The clues are challenging, but not too tricky, so just about anyone can solve them with a bit of thinking (or Googling!). 

Step Three - Explore Hidden Gems

As you work out the answers to the clues, you'll visit a series of locations, like restaurants, shops, parks, and other local attractions. This gives you a chance to see an area in a new way, even if you are already somewhat familiar with your surroundings.