Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley

Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley

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Well-known for its long beer and cider production history, the Yarra Valley is the perfect place to sample a range of enticing offers. Through our Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley Adventure, you'll go on a pursuit to find the best artisan cider and beer producers to quench your thirst. And, of course, you'll solve clues to do so! You'll also experience an interactive and fun activity on the Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley whilst lining your stomach with a mouthwatering gourmet burger.

Inclusions in the Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley:

  • A hot drink and a sweet treat at a mystery cafe to start your adventure
  • An interactive and enjoyable outdoor mystery activity
  • A traditional cider tasting at a mystery winery 
  • A delicious lunch at a mystery burger bar 
  • A craft beer tasting at a mystery brewery; and 
  • Clues and riddles to find each new mystery location/activity (accessed via your smartphone)
What You Will Need for the Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley:

For the Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley Adventure, you will need your own car to travel between destinations on the day. You will also need a smartphone with internet capabilities to access your clues.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a mystery activity?

    While it might seem suspicious, we promise it's not! On the Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley, a mystery activity could be something like kayaking, completing an escape room, tree-surfing, bowling, mini-golf, rock-climbing, or going on a boat or train ride. It could also be playing arcade games, ice-skating, doing a maze, visiting the zoo or completing a guided tour or workshop/class.

    After booking, we'll check if there are any phobias, injuries or health-related conditions we should be aware of for the Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley Adventure. And, if possible, we will tailor the mystery activity to suit.

    Is this adventure suitable for children?

    Absolutely! Our Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley tour can be enjoyed by families with minor adaptations. If you wish to make a family booking, kindly contact us prior to booking to receive a unique code that grants you discounted pricing for children at checkout.

    Can I add overnight accommodation to this adventure?

    Yes, of course! To ensure the fun continues, you can solve clues to find a mystery stay at a 4-to-5-star hotel or a unique holiday rental after your Mystery Burgers & Brew Yarra Valley adventure. Pricing generally starts from $200+ a night, with breakfast options available. We can even arrange a dinner reservation at a mystery restaurant for you to enjoy on the night of your stay. 

    To enquire about adding mystery accommodation to your booking, please contact us with your preferred dates, and we'll come back to you with a quote.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Great day out

    Such a great day out, really enjoyed all the different places we went. I feel like we got a lot for what we paid and I would recommend to everyone!

    Chelsey W
    Awesome experience!

    Awesome day! So much fun, and amazing food and locations. The element of a mystery day out was the best!

    Mariya James
    We had a lovely time

    We had a lovely time on our mystery brews and burger adventure in the Yarra valley. The destinations were very well curated and the service and communications was excellent. We had a beautiful day exploring the Yarra valley.

    Tracey Clarisse
    Fun day

    Fun day with great activities and quality food & beverages

    Tim Rolfe
    Would recommend

    Would recommend. Great way to spend the day in the yarra valley.

    Team at mystery adventures were so helpful.